Roundpeg is a small business branding firm.    As part of our service package we design logos, and help with brand messaging.  Reading an article in FastCompany Magazine recently reminded me that true branding is more then the visuals.

The author, Gadi Amit looks at much more then just the visuals in his analysis of Brand Strength.  He looks at what the brand represents and how it can be extended into different products.    He says:

The brand must become tangible. Regardless of the means, whether that’s ads, design, or PR, brands work because they package emotions and attachments into an experience that actually lives in the world.

While most small business owners don’t have the funds to establish a brand which will easily extend to products such as clothing, cars and furniture, we can attach meaning to our brands.  Through creative use of social media and face to face networking, even small companies like Roundpeg can build an identity in a three dimensional world.

While our product is marketing services for small business, our brand is about fun, animals, collaboration, and connections. We are found at the center of the Indy social media, small business, tech and start up communities so our brand is synonymous with those words.

Branding takes work, and a plan.  Defining who you are in the marketplace takes more than just the right logo and tagline.