This week, our interns are begining to make a difference as they write for clients, make updates to websites, and learn new skills. With them on hand, it was easier for me to be out giving presentations around the city about social media.  Look for the video from some of these seminars next week.  For now, here is a look back at what you missed this week.

Friday – Social Media Small Biz Survey 2011 – We’re updating our Social Media Survey for 2011. We would love you to take a minute and add your comments to the study.

Saturday – Meet Our Interns – This time in video.

Sunday – Doing it Right at Home – Guest blogger, Jack Simms, shares the pros and cons of operating your business from home.

Monday –

QR Codes — Hype or the Next Big Thing? – Lorraine shares responses to last week’s blog post and conversations about QR codes.

Social Media and HVAC – How to get “old school” business people to consider the value of Social Media.

Tuesday – Social Media and the Sales Process – Where does Social Media fit into the sales process, and how can it be measured?

Wednesday – How Personal Is Too Personal? – Lorraine revisits a post from 2009 looking at how her perspective has changed regarding how much information to share on social media.

Thursday – Happy Anniversary Indy-Biz!
The Indy-Biz blog was created to celebrate the goings on of small businesses in Indiana.  Five years later we’re still going strong!