Five years ago I was frustrated by the lack of news exposure small businesses received in Indianapolis. The lack of print was a symptom of a bigger issue, our state leaders were consumed with bringing the next big deal to Indiana. More manufacturing plants, more incentives for big companies.

I channeled my energy into a new blog:  It featured a series of blog posts about the impact of small business on our local economy, including:

Like most new blogs, not too many people noticed, so I decided to stop trying to change opinions, and share real stories, about real business instead. We created a place where local business owners could share their success.   If you have been reading Indy-Biz over the last few years, you know that:

Over the last five years, the business section of the Indy Star has shrunk to one page.  The IBJ has moved their small business features to their online edition, and we have published more than 1,600 posts about local small businesses.  We have celebrated the accomplishments of clients and friends.  In a small way, we cheered them on, and shared resources to help them grow.

This was my first blog.  I never expected I would still be writing entries five years later, but I know I will still be sharing stories about Indy-Biz, five years from now.

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