webtraffic-jpThis was an record setting week at Roundpeg.   We have seen a significant increase in our traffic as a result of our experiments with StumbleUpon and Linkdex.

Prior to March our best month, ever was 5,980 visitors to the site.  This month, we blew past the 10,000 mark.While some of it was “working the system” much of the results were driven by our content.

Once again we have a mix of video, podcasts and blog posts.  If you haven’t been here all week, this is what you missed.

Saturday – Social Media at 25 and 50
It’s time to settle the debate about how age dictates social media competency.Some people lack technical understanding. Some people lack the strategical know-how to monetize social media. Some people are just plain stupid. None of these conditions are age constrained. This post had the most comments this week.  Check out what other’s had to say, and add your voice to the conversation.

Sunday – Next Big Thing, Episode 2: Alex Baker
Jay continues his foray into the world of podcasts with this interview with Alex Baker, Chief Executive at Infinistorm.  As I caught up with Alex in a very noisy coffee shop, he was very excited to talk about “virtualization”. While large corporations have taken advantage virtualization for several years, it is now a viable alternative for smaller businesses, which make up the core of both Alex’s (and our) clientele.

Monday – The Modern Home This move to simplicity is common in most interior design books right now.   Gone are the heavy, ornate pieces of furniture, replaced by simple, geometric designs, open spaces, and bright or calm colors.  This same design style is migrating into web design, particularly sites for home services companies.

Tuesday – Email has a Role in Social Media Plan The flashy newcomers to Social Media, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, do not replace a solid eMail Marketing Campaign. When done right, email will allow you to stay in front of your prospects till they are ready to buy.   What do I mean by done right?

Wednesday – Links:  The Company You Keep – In business, as in life, you are judged by the company you keep.   People look at your associates and assume you share similar values.   The same is true of the internet.  Google and other search engines assign values to your website, in part, based on the inbound and outbound links.

Thursday – Internet Marketing by the Numbers When the numbers talk,  I listen.  Anyone who knows me well, knows I am a numbers person.  Despite the fluffy marketing exterior, I am at my core, an ROI add up the numbers kind of person.   I love graphs and charts which turn numbers into pictures. And I believe if you “listen” numbers will tell you stories.