With all the emphasis on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it is easy for small business owners  to lose sight of the role other social media, like eMail can play in a marketing mix.  While most social tools can drive new visitors to your website, it is your email which will keep them coming back again and again.

When done right, email will allow you to stay in front of your prospects till they are ready to buy.   What do I mean by done right?

  1. Email marketing should contain information – tips, tools and strategies not just advertising
  2. Email should not be one size fits all. Take the time to divide your lists into smaller groups with specific interests, and create emails for each group.  Yes it takes more time, but if it is more relevant to an individual reader, you have a greater chance of holding their attention
  3. Manage the frequency.  How often is too often?  Let your readers tell you.  If you see your open rates falling and unsubscribes increasing, you are emailing too often.

The topic of email as part of an overall marketing strategy is just one of the topics covered in Random Strangers to Raving Fans, a seminar I routinely teach with Matt Nettleton of TrustPointe, the video below contains just a few of my comments on that subject.


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