maybeeHave you had a busy week?  We have!  Lots of new projects, and a brand new kitty to keep things fun.  And through it all we had quite a few interesting blog posts.

Here is a quick recap of what you missed, along with a picture a of our new kitty, Maybee.

Saturday-How Well Do You Spend? When it comes to marketing, I have always believed it is not how much you spend, but how well you spend what you have.

Sunday-Compare Social Media to Other Marketing How do you stay in touch with clients and prospects today? Consider the evidence that supports why social media should be incorporated into that process.

Monday- Being in Small Business Takes Balls Allison shares many reasons why it takes balls to own or work for a small business.

Tuesday- Great Web Design is Easy – Sometimes, as I chase the coolest new plug in, tool or widget, I forget the basics.   It is at those moments it is good to read a post like the one I found on Web Design Depot recently.  In it the author argues:

Wednesday- Social Media is about the Customer If a business owner uses Social Media to attract business, it is equally important to also use Social Media for customer service.

Thursday- Can You Read This? We each have different styles of communications, reading your customers’ styles can give you valuable insight, and make project management more efficient.