If your week has been anything like the week we’ve had here at Roundpeg, you probably haven’t had a chance to catch your favorite blogs. Here’s your chance to catch up.

Saturday – The “Everyperson’s” Internet

Jennifer shares just how easy it is to create and maintain a website.

Sunday – Want to Get Noticed? Become an Expert

PR may not cost money, but it does cost time to create the reputation and relationships to get your story told.

Monday – Close to the Heart – Redesign Creates Positive Impact

More then the satisfaction of knowing we have created a really nice redesigned web site, we are proud to support the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust which is making such an important contribution to women wrestling with their diagnosis and the families which support them.

Tuesday – Understand Your Network

Alison explains that if you are going to participate in Social Media, it is important to take the time to do it right.

Wednesday – Office? We Don’t Need No Stinking Office

Jay explains how with advance planning, productivity doesn’t grind to a stop even when we can’t make it to the Roundpeg office.

Thursday – Brand Befuddlement

Don’t assume your customers know or care who you are. It’s your responsibility as a business owner or marketer to create the story for them, not to make them rely on back story.