At Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design firm, we redesign a lot of websites.  Sometimes the before and after comparisons are subtle as we move an attractive site to WordPress to give the client more functionality and the freedom to update their website regularly and improve their SEO.

Sometimes, an association or small business brings us a web design project  to completely redesign their site.  Those projects are always more fun, as we bring new functionality and a fresh look.  That was case recently, as we gave the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust a completely new look.   Their old site, had many non-functioning pages, and out of date content.  The new site, has a more modern feel with less pink, more  photos and sliding graphics.  But the most important change, are the three larger buttons on the bottom of the home page, which make it easy for visitors to buy the license  plate (which funds their programs), apply for grants/scholarships and make contributions.  website1

More then the satisfaction of knowing we have created a really nice site, we are proud to support a program which is making such an important contribution to women wrestling with their diagnosis and the families which support them.

Check out the before and after images below to see if you agree with me that Taylor and Jay did a terrfic job with this project.


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