This week at Roundpeg we delved into customer communication strategies, efficiency, business start-ups and predictions for 2011.  We have started the discussion – let us know your thoughts on these topics!

Saturday – What us a Customer Worth

How much can you afford to spend to acquire a new customer?  Well that depends on what a customer is worth over time?

Start Your Year with Three Great Classes

The beginning of the year is a great time to step back and take a look at your business, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and create a new plan.

Sunday – Simplify Life by Reducing Email Intake

I am always on the look out for ways to simplify my life.  In the past few months I have cancelled cable television and replaced it with an antenna & a hulu plus membership, I have automated all my bills with online bill pay, & most recently I have streamlined my follow-up process with online leads.  But, none of these changes compares to what I did 3 weeks ago…

Monday – What Defines a Relationship?

A discussion of discovering some real differences in how men and women view business relationships.

Tuesday – Converting Leads to Prospects to Customers to Fans

People don’t become customers overnight.  Typically they start out as random visitors to your website, or someone you bump into at a networking event.   Helping those strangers get to know you is a process, and the subject of my seminar, From Random Strangers to Raving Fans, which will be held January 19, 8:00 – 10:00  a.m.

Wednesday – Prove It: The Art of Efficiency in Small Business Marketing

Jay shares his observations on creative strategy versus measurable results in small business marketing efforts.

Thursday- Predictions 2011

January , prediction time. Every writer and pundit is making predictions about the economy, small business, the internet, social media, fashion, trends and more. You can spend an entire year reading the trends, and miss the real year completely. As I read the multiple lists, I look for common trends, where does everyone agree.