The beginning of the year is a great time to step back and take a look at your business, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and create a new plan. To help you make 2011 your most successful year yet, we’re offering three classes to help you with your marketing, navigate an uncertain economy, and dive into social media. Admission is free for all classes, but space is limited, so make sure you register soon!

January 19, 8:00-10:00 From Random Strangers to Raving Fans: Team taught by Lorraine Ball and Matt Nettleton, learn the lifetime value of a customer, and how your marketing and sales work together to drive your bottom line. Click here to register.

January 26, 8:30-10:00 Forget Henry Ford: 5 Easy Lessons in a Tough Economy: Join Jay Mattingly and Nick Carter of Addresstwo to learn how to succeed, even when everyone else is struggling. Click here to register.

February 3, 3:30-5:00 Social Media Stew: Lorraine Ball and Allison Carter lead you through a realistic overview of social media for small businesses, including what platform works best for your business, and how to turn friends and followers into customers. Click here to register.