I am heading out on a two week vacation, and leaving the office in good hands.  With Clyde in charge, and Jay, Allison, Taylor and Rebecca to help her,  I am pretty sure things will run smoothly. : )

I have written a number of blog posts, and have some terrific guest post lined up to fill in, along with notes from the rest of the team, so please stop back, even if I don’t!

And if you didn’t have a chance to come back this week, and you missed our series on the Social Media Organization Chart, here are a few links to what you missed.

Saturday – Podcasts Make Small Business Tax Planning a Marketing Tool

A few years ago we developed a web site for Marietta Financial Services.  The WordPress template gave them an easy to update foundation and they were happy with the upgrade.  Now they are ready for the next step, blogging and social media to increase traffic to their website.

Sunday – Where does Social Media Fit in Y0ur Marketing Organization Chart

In the last few months, we have begun receiving more and more calls from  small business owners asking us to develop a Social Media Strategy.  As we work through these projects, I realized  the best place to start is with the sameMarketing Organization Chart we use for traditional media.

Monday – Social Media Organization Chart: Strategy

Just as your overall marketing organization chart begins with strategy, so does your social media organization chart.

Tuesday – Social Media Organization Chart: Lead Generation

Once you have mapped out your strategy, Social Media is particularly effective as a tool to support your lead generation activities.  Advertising, Referrals, and Public Relations

Wednesday –  Social Media Organization Chart: Lead Conversion

There is a lot of emphasis on driving traffic to your website, but it is a complete waste of time if you don’t convert visitors to prospects, prospects to clients, and clients to raving fans.

Thursday – Social Media Organization Chart: Customer Service

Social media offers you to chance to enhance  customer service by proactively looking for clients who are unhappy and reconnecting with those who are happy.