I’m currently in the process of preparing my first seminar. As I work through all the things I want to teach my students, I can’t help but look at the ways seminars help small business owners.  Why seminars?

1. Great for learning new processes and perspectives. This is probably the most obvious benefit seminars bring. Attending seminars (like Lorraine is as I write this) establishes a habit of consistently learning. By preventing your knowledge base from remaining stagnant, you improve your ability to adapt to a constantly changing business environment. And it is exactly that ability which separates successful businesses from extinct ones.

2. Engage with other students. Sometimes, the greatest benefit isn’t always the lesson being taught. The most enjoyable (and educational) aspect of the class is often the interaction with other students.  Their viewpoints and opinions give me insight and perspective into business I otherwise have missed.  I end up a more well-rounded business professional as a result. In the room with other business owners you to step outside of your own world; and for a brief moment, instead of working in your business, you get an opportunity to work on your business.

3. Arena in which to demonstrate your expertise. On the other side of the desk or podium, teaching a class or seminar is a great way to display your expertise, communicating  beneficial knowledge to others. Lorraine offers free seminars for small business owners on a regular basis, and will be conducting her first Webinar next week.

And now, local business owners will be able to attend my seminar for free as well. I will be team teaching with Nick Carter of Address Two, on Wednesday, October 13. The opportunity to share my knowledge with others who may be able to use it to their benefit is the greatest driving factor behind my desire to teach seminars.

Seminars and classes aren’t just beneficial to students, but also teachers. The positive aspects truly run both ways. I would encourage all business owners to research educational opportunities throughout Indianapolis. And hey…if that opportunity happens to be the one I’m offering, I’d love to have you there.