On Wednesday, October 13,  Nick Carter,President of AddressTwo and I will be teaching a seminar on how new business owners can navigate in the unsafe waters of a tough economy. The seminar will be held from 8:30-10 AM at the Trustpointe offices (6666 East 75th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46250).

New business owners know just how treacherous starting a new business can be. What many do NOT realize however, is that in addition to being filled with danger, the road to successful business ownership is also filled with opportunity.

In this FREE 90-minute seminar, Nick and I hope to help you uncover some of the tricks micro entrepreneurs can use to maximize your chances of prosperity. Topics covered will range from why business owners shouldn’t buy ads to why you need to forget everything you know about the way big companies run.

I’m really looking forward to co-teaching this class with Nick. I hope to see you there. Again, the seminar is free. Participants simply have to register. To sign up, simply fill out the registration form below.