cheerscastOne of my favorite television series was Cheers.  I loved the interactions between the characters.  Sam, Diane, Karla and the Coach were individuals with very different personalities, who battled and teased, but in the end had genuine affection for each other.

Their relationships created an environment which attracted customers,  Can you say the same for your business?  Do people want to hang out with you and your employees?

Creating  a feeling of hospitality and warmth should not be limited to restaurants.  Making customers and prospects feel welcome should be a part of every business!

When clients and prospects come to Roundpeg they feel like they are coming into our house.  The relaxed atmosphere puts them at ease.  They are welcomed by Bonnie our dog or Clyde our cat as they come in through the side door.  Many of our regular visitors help themselves to a cup of coffee from the pot, which is always on.  (One or two have even been known to make their  own pot if it is empty!) There is milk and soda in the fridge, and the occasional ice cream bar. ( Ok, with the emphasis on food, maybe it does feel a bit like a restaurant).

cheers roundpeg

Roundpeg, Where Everybody Knows Your Name

The steady banter, and more than occasional teasing, between team members which is a part of almost every visit to Roundpeg extends to our online personality as well.  Just check out some of the exchanges on our fan page or tweet stream.

And we encourage our clients, friends and prospects to join the conversation. The result?  They feel like part of the club. The honk or text a wave as they drive by our office on 106th street, submit their favorite songs for inclusion in the weekly RoundpegRadio play list or  just stop in for a visit on our back deck conference room on Friday afternoons.

Does everyone like our particular style of hospitality?  No. Some people think we are a bit too casual and choose a more established, traditional firm. That’s fine.  We probably wouldn’t have enjoyed working with them anyway.

When I started this business eight years ago, I envisioned a place where I would want to hang out, filled with people with whom I enjoyed spending my time.  Today I have just that … Roundpeg, a place where everybody knows your name!