As many of you may know, the corporate culture at Roundpeg is…a little different. It’s a very young office, and we have a lot of fun together–especially on Fridays, when the phones are a bit quieter and our workload a bit lighter. Recently, I started taking requests for songs from around the office. With all of the different personalities in the office, we ended up with some awesome playlists.

Radio Logo1

So today, we want to share the atmosphere of the Roundpeg office with you. You can listen to the Roundpeg Radio playlist (courtesy of GrooveShark) in the widget below. And we want you to get in on the action too: just tweet your song request to @roundpegradio, or to any of the Roundpeg crew, and we’ll add your song to the list.

We might make this a recurring event, if it proves popular. So talk to us! What’s your favorite song?

NOTE: The widget takes a minute to load, and you’ll have to refresh to see the new songs. Make sure your speakers are on!

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