Over the past few weeks, we’ve been revealing the results of our social media survey. We had a great response and lots of interesting insight into how small businesses are making use of social media in their businesses. Now, we’ve compiled all of the results into one in-depth white paper.

Update: We were excited when we wrote this first report back in 2010.  We are even more excited with what we learn every year as we compare what has changed and what has stayed the same.  Curious about what strategic changes other small business owners are making?  

You can download the latest social media survey report  here: 

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From a simple look at what channels business owners were using we have expanded the social media survey to include email marketing, blogging and on line advertising.  Some of the most surprising things we see every year are included in the study. 

And if you are looking to launch the social media program for your business. Give us a call.  Roundpeg, and Indianapolis Digital Agency would love to help you with your online marketing.