Over the last few years I have done a lot of experimenting with social media.  I value many of the relationships I have developed as a result of my participation in various communities.  Beyond the “social” and personal aspects of the tools, I have also experienced some significant business benefits from my participation.

So as I try to improve how I use the tools, I am continuously looking for ideas on how others use the tools.   Since my world is small business, I have been looking for data specifically about small business owners.

Social Media Report 1 1

I haven’t found much, so I created my own survey. While we are still collecting data we have seen some interesting information from the initial participants.

Over the next few weeks, I will share what we have learned.  Here is the first part. of the data:  Where are you spending time, and how much?

  1. If small business owners are using social media, they are committing time to the process, with 64% indicating they are spending more than 30 minutes a day on social media.
  2. So where are they hanging out? Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter were all quite common, with 3/4 of the respondents saying they have profiles on all three.
  3. Most common – Profiles on LinkedIn just barely edged out profiles on Facebook with Twitter close behind
  4. When asked which was their primary network, I wasn’t surprised to see Facebook top the charts.  Almost half of the respondents said Facebook was their  primary network.  The simple user interface, makes it easy to transition back and forth from business to personal.   And in the real world small business owners do that on a regular basis

If you haven’t taken the survey, we would love to add your information to the study.  Click here to take the study ( it will only take a few minutes).

We will be adding additional findings over the next few weeks so be sure to stop back, or you can sign up below to receive updates via email.