There is more to Business Notes from Roundpeg then just great writing, there is video, and podcasts.  In today’s installment of the Seven Link Challenge, I am going to share links to some of my favorite videos.  While some are my presentations, others are just great snippets I pulled from YouTube and

  1. Shop Local – From my Rainmaker presentation last fall, in which I challenged our members to vote with their dollars.
  2. Bring the Love Back – A funny look at how consumers view old style advertising.
  3. Networking and Toast – Ron Sukenic talking about his toaster – very funny
  4. Who Should Be an Entrepreneur – From my interview with IBJ writer, Mason King
  5. Economic Lessons from the Donkey – The written version of this story is also one of my favorites, but Nathan Karamanski of Another Cool Design, really brought it home in his editing of the video version.
  6. The High Dive – One of my favorite “Rainmaker Closes”  this story about my son is proof that past failure is often an indicator of future success.
  7. Animoto Cool Image Display – Showing off my husband’s art in this cool video