At Roundpeg, we are always looking for new tools to add features to the websites we design for clients.  The criteria:

  • Easy to use – Even though our skill set has grown and we can usually figure out how something works, we won’t use plugins and features which are not easy to use.  Why?   Because most of our small business clients come to us for web sites which they can maintain.  It doesn’t do any good to end up with a simple website, with the most interesting feature something we can not edit
  • Free is great!  But not all our tools are free.  We often try free versions, and if they add value, we will upgrade, and offer our clients the opportunity to use our subscription, or get one of their own
  • Compatible with WordPress.  We stopped designing traditional static websites two years ago, and have never looked back.  The plugins have to work flawlessly with WordPress, or we won’t work with them.

So in our quest for new and cool plugins, I have one I think is going to be a favorite.  It is called Animoto. It converts simple photos to a cool interactive slide show.  Check out the video I did with images of my  husband’s art.

The thing I liked best, was how quickly I was able to put this together.   Of course I am hooked, and will probably pay for the upgrade so I can create longer videos, and even some without the Animoto logo. But in the meantime, this is really cool!

Create your own video slideshow at

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