We loved hearing your feedback on Taylor’s designs for the Carpenter’s Rule–stay tuned for a blog post from him announcing the big winner. We enjoyed the collaborative effort so much that we’ve decided to turn to our wonderful community again for some help in naming a company.

We’re working on naming a company that shops for and delivers groceries to seniors. We’ve got a list of names, so weigh in and tell us what sounds right to you–or suggest something new!

  1. GoGo Groceries
  2. Grocery Guru
  3. Easy Shopper
  4. Shop4U
  5. The Shopping List
  6. Milk Run
  7. Store2Door
  8. Mother’s Cupboards
  9. Shopping Sherpa
  10. Vindica (Latin derivative for “delivery”)
  11. Consegna (Italian for “delivery”)
  12. The Blue Basket
  13. Grocery Girls