About a week ago I asked for help. We were working on a name for a Carpenter, and I asked for input. We had some great suggestions ranging from TIMber Works and Miter Design, to Level Best and Homeworks.   Each suggestion from a reader led to a stream of other ideas.  I really believe using the collective intelligence of my internet community led to a great final solution!

The client Chose: THE CARPENTER’S RULE .  It is descriptive,, and distinctive and he is very excited.  So now we are on to the second phase, creating a logo.  We need a design which will look good on everything from a business card and website, to a truck and a t-shirt.

These are the designs Taylor has come up with.  I love so many of them, I am having a hard time deciding, and so is the client.  What do you think?  Which  do you like best, and why?