The Art of Marketing

by Feb 2, 2010Blog0 comments

Because I am married to an artist, I spend a lot of time in galleries, exhibits and art shows.  As I study a piece of art, I often wonder what the artist had in mind when he/she created the work? While the artist has a vision, that vision is subject to interpretation ( or misinterpretation) by everyone who experiences the artwork.

Jay Ehret suggest that for any small business owner, your business is like a piece of art, and the ability for consumers to interpret what you have in mind can often mean the difference between success or mediocrity. Rahter then guess what your customers think, consider conducting a survey or asking just a few simple questions to be sure.

And while we are on the subject of art …  I thought you would enjoy a few scenes from the opening of the Art from the Heartland exhibit here in Indy!

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