Written by Christine Maley

For those who haven’t heard, Roundpeg is working on a new website!!! Woohoo!! Our awesome and talented web designers have created not one… but two beautiful sites, and we are having a tough time choosing, so we have opened up the discussion to include our friends and web  visitors.   We have a samples of each and a submission form courtesy of Formspring websites to gather comments and feedback.   We started collecting data on Friday morning.  Initially, the votes were pretty tight, with no clear winners.

Over the weekend, I added a link to my Facebook and  LinkedIn profiles, and we started to see a shift to version “A” with stronger support for the attractiveness and informative value of the layouts.  “B”  got higher points for being consistent with the Roundpeg brand.   As a person who thoroughly enjoys both information and beauty (AND the potential of my face flashing by in one of the pictures on the homepage!), A is my top choice.






Consistent with Roundpeg brand



Appropriate for a marketing company








Has a more interesting graphic presentation



Has a simpler navigation function



Is the best platform to showcase Roundpeg projects



the comments gave us some interesting feedback which we will be incorporating into a second round. Here is some of the feedback we received on both of the website versions:

Version A:

  • I think if you went lighter on the menu bar on A, it would be more consistent with your brand. I can tell you first-hand that the wider sidebar on A will provide you an incredible amount of freedom!
  • Version A allows too much information to be displayed on the home page. That means it has a more dense, heavier appearance more appropriate to a company where lots of information on the home page attracts viewers. Marketing is more about style, saying more with less, visuals vs. text, etc. Not crazy about the Flash panel at the top of B but assume you would replace that with a Lorraine video or something.
  • A is clearer to read, and has the video player right where it should be.   Lets you know video is going to be a major part of each presentation

Version B:

  • I like choice B the best. It has a nice amount of white space so your visitors won’t feel overwhelmed. Someone coming to your web site, who is interested in your marketing services, most likely doesn’t know much about marketing. I think it’s a good idea to keep it simple so that they won’t get confused and leave the site
  • I like the coolness factor with B. In fact, that would be an interesting way to present my portfolio once I have higher resolution photos.
  • Upon first glance B looks to be a lot more current or futuristic. The scrolling window at the center is very distracting however. If that were slowed down I would like B much more.

For  of you who have given us feedback, thank you very much. For those who haven’t, you can still place your vote on a previous blog post, Roundpeg Redesign, Part III: And Then there Were Two (https://roundpeg.biz/2009/07/web-redesign/)

We can answer any questions you have at Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design firm.