The Science of Marketing

by Jun 7, 2009Marketing0 comments

I read a great post by Seth Godin the other day ( ok, most of his posts are great).  In this particular post he talked about marketing as both an art and a science, and the need for both in your marketing mix.   His post reminded me of the opening section of my book, “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Marketing.

In it I explain:

The Art of Marketing consists of the skills required to enable potential customers to make an emotional connection to your product. This connection is made with words, which inform, motivate and persuade. The connection is also made with pictures and graphic images, which leap off the page, straight to the heart of your potential customer.

 The ability to make an emotional connection is critical to your success. Without a rational side, however, marketing is often expensive and ineffective. The Science of Marketing is the rational side. It is a step-by-step process, which clearly defines: goals, targets, action plans and results.

In general, I think small business owners are more comfortable with the Art, the new and creative aspects appeal to them, but it is the consistent science which will ultimately bring measurable results.