Raven Richardson

Web Design Specialist

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For someone in a creative career position, it is not surprising that Raven Richardson is a lover of the arts. Whether it is reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music, doing watercolors, or designing a website there is hardly ever a moment in her day that the Hoosier-turned Atlantan-turned Hoosier again isn’t tapping into the right side of her brain.

As Roundpeg’s Web Designer, Raven puts her creative and design passions to work creating new web designs for our clients. With experience as a Full Stack Web Developer, she uses her back-end expertise to help take our WordPress websites to the next level.

Half Bahamian, Raven has spent many a Christmas in the Bahamas and loves nothing more than to travel and see the world. Well, except maybe relaxing at home, controller in hand, playing video games – particularly The Sims. You’ll also usually find her snuggling up with Bella, her Peekapoo (yup, that’s a real kind of dog, look it up).