Don't Miss the Point

The Challenge:

The Point is a soon-to-be opening restaurant based in Indianapolis serving breakfast and brunch food you already love with the freshest ingredients. The owners wanted their patrons to feel at home and order food just the way they liked it. Otherwise, you’re missing the point.

The location already had a built-in structure to house a neon sign, so it made sense to use that to our advantage and use it for inspiration.


Design Goals

  • Create a mark that is familiar but stands out among the local competition that will appeal to the nine-to-five workers.

A few neighborhoods over from downtown Indy is the arts district of Broad Ripple. It’s hard to find a street not lit by a neon sign in that part of town. The community has a comfortable, open and family-friendly vibe The Point aspires to emulate. We were more than happy to take acamera on a warm summer night and capture some of the vibrant sentinels.