content marketing

what is content marketing?

To put it simply, it answers the questions your prospective customers have related to your industry and services.

Prospective customers have lots of questions and they are looking for those answers online. Oftentimes your customers need more information before they can be conviced to make a purchase.

Content marketing tools include blog posts, videos or podcasts, and downloadable resources such as workbooks, checklists, and white papers. These critical assets prove your business has the answer to their questions, and they look to you as a trusted source.

These tools inform, educate, and most importantly “tell your story,” helping customers understand what makes you uniquely qualified to help them.

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community growth

Facebook fans and email subscriptions exploded when we began offering niche content that was only available to members of our client’s community

build your audience

At Roundpeg, we offer our complete content marketing services for a flat rate of $750 a month.
Contact us today to get started and let’s start building your audience.

Keep reading to learn more about what content marketing is, and how it impacts your business.

how to tell your story:

Start with an informed strategy.

A session includes a friendly but in-depth conversation about your business goals, clients, marketing budget, and your current marketing activities.

We’ll create a comprehensive content strategy, including a year-long content calendar, suggested topics, networks, posting schedule, email strategy, and how to measure your success.


Blogging can result in a serious boost for your business. It’s an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, humanize your brand to your clients, and boost your search engine rankings.

We’ll write interesting and relevant blog posts that sound and feel like your brand. Every month we’ll get together to review your success and discuss new blog topics.

email marketing

If you want to move prospects through your sales funnel or drive repeat purchases and referrals from existing clients, nothing works as well as email.

From creating weekly or monthly newsletters that keep your customers up to date on the latest in your business or industry, to creating offers, quick tips and other interesting information, we’ll create compelling emails your audience wants to read and engage with.

Using Constant Contact, we’ll set up your email program and teach you how to use it or manage it for you!


People love free stuff. They especially love helpful free stuff. Creating custom landing pages with free downloads, whitepapers, audits, or workbooks serves the role of not just establishing yourself as an authority and go-to resource for industry knowledge by customers, but also a means to generate leads by collecting email addresses in exchange for the content.

Don’t know where to start with creating something like this? Our team can interview your team, pull from previous blog posts, and use our history of knowing what works with current or former clients within your industry to create the foundation of these free marketing materials.

got a project?

Whether you need a new website or some help with your social media, we are ready to start the conversation.

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