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The Challenge:

  • Change how people think about jerky
  • Show off their awesome fans with social media
  • Make them sound hipster-y and folk-y

The Results

  • An interactive and vibrant site
  • Easy to create fresh content weekly

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Starting a new brand from scratch can be daunting. There are so many things to consider: visual look and feel, tone of voice in copy and so on. Duke’s Meats, a subsidiary of THANASI Foods, specializes in small-batch beef jerky. They knew exactly who their audience was: the kinds of artsy young people who like craft beer and appreciate that the best things in life are often the simplest. With that target audience in mind, we were given a logo, a basic visual look and the freedom to create a website that spoke to their needs, including writing copy. Duke’s also knew they were going to be active in blogging and maintaining the site, so the WordPress platform we built the site on fit their needs perfectly.

The homepage is dominated by huge glamour shots of beef jerky in all its meaty glory. Each is accompanied by a short phrase clearly outlining the benefits of the product in simple language with just a dash of down-home charm. The rest of the page is kept simple, light on copy and heavy on social media calls-to-action, an integral part of the company’s start-up marketing strategy.

Images from the company’s Instagram account are pulled directly to their main page, showing off their product in a hipster friendly way that hits right to the heart of the company’s demographic. However, that area of the site is flexible by design. If Instagram is no longer everyone’s favorite social media channel tomorrow, they can swap it out quickly, easily and without any help from us. As we do on every website, we included training to make sure they understood how to update the site on their own as their business grows and changes.

Duke’s Meats took the foundation we created and ran with it. They update their blog frequently with great content and DIY jerky recipes. They’re the perfect example of how a website can become the center of your marketing with the right strategy and a simple web design.

It has been a pleasure working with Roundpeg. Launching a website for DUKE’S Smoked Meats was literally the first task I was assigned upon taking my new position at THANASI Foods. Roundpeg provided a great turnkey solution for our website which included creative concepting, WordPress development and copywriting. They diplomatically challenged us at the right times and delivered on our overall vision of the website with a minimal number of revisions. I would highly recommend Roundpeg to anyone who is looking for a one-stop website solution.

Neal Stewart, Director of Brand Marketing

Thanasi Foods