New Website Refreshes a Business

The Challenge

Tish Flooring provides customers with budget savvy flooring options. But they’re also a fashion forward company which understands the latest trends in design and home decor. Tish Flooring knew they needed a more modern, stylish website to support the impression they wanted to give visitors.

Redesign Goals

  • Transition Tish Flooring’s outdated web design to a theme which reflected the high fashion aspect of their brand
  • Incorporate the separate gallery blog into the new web design for a cohesive and seamless experience
  • Create mobile responsive site to give customers a consistent brand experience regardless of which device (phone, tablet, laptop or desktop) they are using
  • Simplify the site structure to improve information access

Before the Redesign

Cluttered, confusing home page with too many calls to action.

The product gallery was housed on a separate site creating a disjointed user experience.

Tish Flooring had been a client for about two years so we already had a list of design elements, features and functional improvements we wanted to include in their new site.

Switching to the Divi theme for WordPress completely changed the site’s look and feel, as well as significantly improved the performance.

After the Redesign

Clean simple layout quickly directs visitors to information.

  • One focused call to action in the primary banner which can be swapped out easily
  • Custom icons created for secondary calls to action
  • Strong push for visitors to schedule appointment
  • Integration of the featured product gallery into primary site.

Enhanced Gallery

  • Enhancing the product gallery into the primary website was a top priority for this project.
  • The new gallery features more detailed product descriptions and is seamlessly integrated into the site.
  • Best of all, visitors have the ability to create a “my favorites” account so they can send their favorite flooring options to Tish Flooring when they make an appointment.

The gallery is now the second most popular page on the site

The Results

  • A modern, user friendly, fashion forward site which remains true to the Tish Flooring brand
  • New, interactive gallery integrated into the site, which quickly became the second most popular destination on the site
  • Add to favorites feature has improved browsing experience and increased time spent on the site
  • Optional log in helps Tish Flooring identify prospective clients sooner
  • Mobile friendly version gives sales team a tool they can use as part of their in-home sales presentation


Increased Organic Search

Ongoing Marketing Support

The web redesign was just one piece in the puzzle. We supported the new look with more fashion and home decor related blog posts and product specific buyer guides. The fresh content attracts a steady stream of visitors and more than 300 people have downloaded the flooring guides.

Using Constant Contact we streamlined Tish Flooring’s email program. We alternate between sending product promotions for budget savvy consumers and informative newsletters featuring hot interior design trends. The mix of information keeps open rates well above the industry average and driving interested consumers back to for more information.



Increased Page Views

The web design process with Roundpeg was exceptional in every way. This is a group that is not just in tuned with current design technology, they anticipate and are literally connected to trend changes in SEO, database and online marketing and virtually all aspects of digital branding and marketing. Their recommendations to us were just as fluid as the space they work in. When it came time to redesign the Tish Flooring website, Lorraine and her team delivered in a big way for us.

They created visuals and a site experience that are consistent with our brand; they significantly improved site optimization features (compared to our previous site); and they designed expertly around the visitor experience priorities we set. Tish only serves central Indiana, but our website and peripherals compare favorably against some of the largest national brands in our industry. We very strongly recommend Roundpeg and we are grateful for their partnership.

Harry Tishler

COO, Tish Flooring