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One of the things I love best about being a part of the Indianapolis marketing community is that fact that it is filled with smart marketers willing to collaborate and share what they know. While we are pretty proud of the work we do at Roundpeg, here are just a few of the organizations who top our list of smart and interesting Indianapolis marketing organizations.

Sam – Green Loop Marketing

What do you get when you cross two longtime Indy natives with passions for social media and content marketing? You get Green Loop Marketing. This Indianapolis agency is one of my go-to resources for social media and content marketing, not only for their own content but sharing great stuff from others as well on their social accounts.

We have been lucky enough to have co-founders Melanie Allen and Meghan Martin on More Than A Few Words a few times now and every time they have been fabulous interviews and provided a lot of really great insight. Here is a link to their latest visit on the show.

Raven – Element Three

When looking for dependable information with a unique perspective, Element Three is always on my list. Not only does this marketing agency have a way with words that draws you in, they have many resources that cover topics from making strategic pivots with your brand to full on marketing tool kits.

Element Three provides resources such as, e-books, webinars, courses, templates, and more. Their team is always pushing out fresh content that even if it doesn’t relate to your research, can be a beneficial tool in the future. Check out their resources today.

Britt – Do317

When it comes to discovering upcoming Indy news and happenings, Do317 is always my first stop. They’re always the first to post upcoming concerts around town and are very current with the going-ons in our lovely city. When COVID-19 hit and all live events were canceled, their 5 person team unleashed an awesome #DoStuffAtHome campaign and refilled their empty events list with links to live streams of artists from every genre. When concerts are in session, Do317 entices Hoosiers to spread word of local events with ticket giveaways and more. (I once won tickets to see Toto!)

Whether I’m sitting on my desktop at work or out and about, I have easy access to their feed of events via the Do317 website, Instagram feed, or Facebook page. If you haven’t already, give them a follow.

Staci – Willow Marketing

As someone who is always looking for new resources to help me with my job, I’m always on the lookout for a great blog. Willow Marketing is one of my go-to agencies when I’m in need of some new resources. Not only are they based right here in Indianapolis, but their content is also incredibly helpful and relevant.

A majority of their blog posts and other resources cover upcoming trends, especially with social media, which is why I enjoy their content so much. If you don’t already, be sure to follow their Facebook page and visit their website.

Simon – Well Done Marketing

This may come as a surprise to you, but sometimes I just don’t know what to blog about. Inspiration comes in all forms, but I like to peruse the Well Done Marketing blog. I tend to lean on the academic side of things when writing, but sometimes you just need a casual voice or opinion piece.

What I most appreciate about Well Done is their ability to intersperse more personal content with things like case studies and marketing pieces without overcooking any area. The result is a mighty palatable blog which doesn’t leave you chewing on a subject, despite their namesake.

Lorraine – Boxcrush

About ten years ago, my friend Michelle McNally began learning about Google AdWords and today she is one of the most knowledgeable people I know on the subject. So when we have clients who want to employ AdWords as part of their overall marketing stragtegy, I reach out to Michelle. And when the project calls for eCommerce expertise, I call the team at Boxcrush.


Does it seem strange that we have written an entire post about organizations which you might consider our competitors? The truth is, each of these companies is great at what they do. Sometimes we compete, sometimes we collaborate. Having them in the Indy community makes us all a little smarter and challenges us to be better at what we do. 

looking for more marketing resources? 

What are the best Indianapolis marketing firms?

Of course, I am partial to Roundpeg, but I think Green Loop Marketing, Well Done Marketing, Box Crush Web Design, Element Three, Willow Marketing, and Well Done Marketing all deserve honorable mention.


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RP 2020 social share master local indianapolis resources