Where Do You Go For Information?

by Aug 22, 2019Blog, Content | Social Media | Email, Marketing

As a digital marketing agency, we know that things change very quickly. So how do we stay on the leading edge? Each of us has our own favorite blogs and podcasts.

Today, we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite sources for marketing information with you.

Lorraine – Think Big, Go Local

I am always on the go, so I love information in little bites. I have recently discovered micro-casts. These short (one to three minute) podcasts, available from the Alexa Skill library, are an awesome way to pick up a quick tip to start your day. One of my favorites is Small Business Marketing Tips hosted by Bobbi Baehme. I love her upbeat tone first thing in the morning.

And after listening to a few of her episodes, I dropped by her blog and found it to be filled with more of the same great content. So whether you are more inclined to read your content or listen to it in little bites TBGL has something for you.

Sam – SEO Code Crakers

SEO is something that gives a lot of people heartburn. Frankly, because it is such an important part of digital marketing while also one of the most misunderstood. Thankfully, there is Moz. These guys are truly SEO gurus and some of the best in the biz in staying on top of everything SEO related and sharing valuable tools and advice in their blog and with weekly video series.

Moz is my go-to for all SEO-related content, and lots of other content marketing topics, and a must-read for any marketer or business owner who wants to be better educated and savvier in the SEO world.

Staci – Buffer, Not Just a Tool

I’m the person that shares content to different social media platforms. But sometimes I can’t post daily due to other responsibilities which is why I use Buffer. Buffer is a great tool that allows users to schedule posts for different platforms. What a lifesaver! However, Buffer isn’t just a tool.

Buffer also has a blog which I frequent. There are so many great resources being shared weekly. There are opinion pieces as well as factual pieces – so a little bit of everything. Topics cover new trends, social media tips, marketing strategies and so much more. If you’re interested in learning something new, I’d definitely check out the Buffer Blog.

Simon – Stack Overflow

Some things are easily learned. Some things are learned by pounding your head against it, even if it’s only absorbed via the impression on your forehead. However savvy you may think you are at coding, there’s a chance you’ll omit a line or run into some errors upon rendering. This is where Stack Overflow comes in. This community of developers is a treasure trove of code wealth. If you’ve been halted by a persnickety line of code, chances are others have as well. What would normally take hours of troubleshooting can be mitigated by a visit to Stack Overflow; If someone else has already built the bridge, what’s the point in fighting the current to swim to the other side?

TaLeah – Creative Bloq

A good design can only start with a solid foundation of research. As a designer, I draw inspiration from sources that seem tangential at times. Based off the project, my research process could lead me anywhere from magazines about related topics to skimming through blogs and social media posts of seemingly unrelated content. Once I’m through that process and I think I’ve narrowed down the concept, that’s when I start looking for how the message could look and feel.

There’s an importance to seeing what’s currently out there and trendy, what your competitors are looking like, and what your target audience expects you to look like. That’s why my favorite design inspiration site is Creative Bloq. It is a workhorse for the modern designer. In addition to having easy-to-sort through collections of inspiration (illustration, web design, animation, etc), they also offer a consortium of tips, career information for the creative, and posts about historical art & design.

Britt – Divi Soup

We all know about my love affair with Elegant Theme’s blog. The developers of Divi do a great job keeping the public up to date with new tools and releases, while sprinkling in fun tutorials and more broad advice along the way. 

When there’s something new, I often drop by a great blog called Divi Soup. I love how they treat their site as a kitchen and each tutorial is a recipe. The quick fixes are referred to as snacks and the more in-depth tutorials for beginners are entreés. Each “recipe” begins with a quick rundown of what you’re going to be doing, then lists the ingredients (tools needed, many times just the Divi theme) and cooking time, prep work, then the actual method. Everything is distinctly highlighted so I can quickly scan the page and immediately decipher whether or not this trick solves the problem at hand. They also have a great email newsletter!

Raven – W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

As a web designer and developer, it is important that I stay current with the development community. With web and graphic design, there is always something new to look forward to or a new creative way to do something that you’ve done many times before. When I work on projects that need code, my first choice for research is W3schools. W3schools is perfect for coders of all levels because you can find information for all development topics such as CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Bootstrap, and so much more. This site is extremely convenient, useful, and easy to navigate for quick and dependable results.

Not only is W3School great for basic code, but it is also a fantastic resource that allows you to learn more about graphics and gaming code with examples and an awesome editor where you can practice. I love being able to utilize one resource for many of my graphic and coding needs. I recommend W3Schools for anyone who is new to coding, wants to expand their skills, or wants to stay current with what is happening in the coding world.

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