Best Indy Restaurant Websites

by Aug 6, 2019Blog, SEO | Web Design

The crew at Roundpeg are big fans of food. We have monthly cheese days, donuts and cake pops for birthdays, and more than the occasional Popsicle break.

With this love of food, it should come as no surprise that we can frequently be found browsing restaurant websites, so we thought it would be fun to share links to some of our favorite Indy Restaurant websites. To be fair we omitted Indy restaurant websites we have designed including The Point on Penn and Anthony’s Chop House, though we think they are pretty tasty too.

Our Favorite Indy Restaurant Websites.

Lorraine – Livery

One of my favorite restaurants in town is Livery, just off of Mass Ave. The food is delicious, the location is terrific and the website is awesome. The site is fresh and airy like the restaurant itself. The home page is filled with mouth watering images and just a little bit of text. This is high end food photography at its best, featuring their signature empanadas and margaritas.

Livery is just one of the restaurants in the Cunningham group, and I love the seamless connection to all the other sites in the family.

Staci – Café Patachou

A great restaurant with a great website is Café Patachou. With six different locations in central Indiana, you’re sure to find one next time you’re in the area. The site itself is almost as enjoyable as the food. I really like the photo grid on the homepage – it gives customers a glimpse into the style of food Café Patachou offers. The restaurant serves gourmet home-style meals which is why they show images of people in bed with coffee and other drinks. The site is also easy to navigate which is important for potential customers. No one wants to navigate a confusing site, right?

Simon – Upland Brewing Company

If you know me, you know I like beer. Going to school in Bloomington indoctrinated me into the Upland cult, which I can luckily continue to practice in Indianapolis. There’s nothing I enjoy more than some fresh Fish n’ Chips paired with an Upland sour – and with restaurants popping up in Carmel, off College, and now in Fountain Square, I can get my fix just about anywhere in the city. What I love most about Upland’s website (Note: Brewery Links age 21+), is they cut out the fluff. The navigation is simple as pie, with Locations and Beer being the top two items. They understand what people want to see when they hit the site – food and beer – and don’t confuse with unnecessary jive. From a design perspective, Upland’s site breaks the grid nicely with textures and product photography, all while keeping the orientation pointed squarely at their edible and quaffable products.

TaLeah – Sauce on the Side

Hailing from St. Louis, this franchise is quickly spreading through the Midwest. And we will soon get to reap the benefits when they open this summer right here in Carmel! I’m a sucker for a well-shot food video almost as much as I’m a sucker for a good calzone. Sauce on the Side’s website does not disappoint. Opening the homepage, our senses immediately start to tingle watching the hero video of sprinkling fresh cheese, pillowy dough, and melted butter. As a visitor, I’m already hooked and getting hungry! The typography across the site is casual and playful, yet maintains great readability and hierarchy–a must for any website. The pages are easy to navigate. While the color is minimal, they do a great job of knowing where to use background images to break up the flow and call attention to information. The layout is fresh and cohesive, but the brand’s personality shines through from the whimsical sauce splatters and their signature mural art nestled in the footer.

Raven – Rosie’s Place

My absolute favorite mealtime would have to be brunch. I love a great breakfast and luckily there are so many amazing places to choose from around Central Indiana. Rosie’s Place is an adorable locally owned cafe with locations in Zionsville, Carmel, and Noblesville. During my last trip to Zionsville, I happened to stumble upon this quaint little spot with my mom. We were able to sit outside and not only was the atmosphere amazing, but the food was also incredible. Rosie’s is definitely a must-try being “family-owned, locally loved and always delicious” according to their warm and welcoming website and I couldn’t agree more. Rosie’s website completely embodies the warmth and quaintness of the actual cafe with photos of locals happily dining together. When you first navigate to the site you see classic black and white photos of Rosie’s family followed by pictures of their delicious food and what’s on the menu. I love this website because it is very user-friendly, easy to navigate to find exactly what you’re looking for, and with beautiful headers and smooth transitions on the site, what more could you ask for? If you love the taste of grandma’s cooking, you will fall in love with Rosie’s Place.

Sam – 317 Burger

More websites need to greet you by loading a huge, hi-res picture of a juicy cheeseburger on the homepage like they do on the 317 Burger site. This cozy little burger bar (and adjoining None the Wiser Tap Room) down in Broad Ripple is one of the best burger joints in Indianapolis, as well as home to some mighty tasty Moscow Mules if that is your thing (it’s mine). But aside from nice food, this restaurant also has a nice website. The strongest asset for any restaurant is great photography of their food, and boy does 317 utilize that to its full potential. Their site has truly mouth-watering pictures. Additional kudos go to the site’s upkeep (the menus and beer lists are regularly updated as well as dated so you know exactly what you are going to get when you walk in), as well as the simplicity of the site. There is something kind of refreshing about not having to click all over the place just to figure out what kind of food a place serves. Do yourself a favor and check out their site, get hypnotized by the awesome photography, and then go have a bite for yourself.

Britt – Ezra’s Enlightened Café

I think one of my favorite discoveries while working in Broad Ripple was this hidden gem. If you ever find yourself taking an afternoon stroll just north of the strip and are craving something healthy, definitely be sure to stop by Ezra’s! All of their food is made from scratch and is free of dairy, processed sugar, GMOs, and gluten. Not only does Ezra’s take great care in selecting your ingredients, they care about the environment, too. Nearly every bit of waste is either recycled or composted, right down to the disposable forks and spoons! Ezra’s website is nearly as much of an experience as the restaurant itself. I love how all of the big questions – hours, specials, types of food served- are all answered as soon as the user hits the web page. From the colors, to the photos, to even the font selection for the headers, this website is consistently on-brand. Even if you aren’t usually into vegan fare, I’d suggest at least checking out the Ezra’s website. It honestly sets the bar for restaurant websites in the area.