Staci Triptych

Hey there. My name is Staci and yes, my mom has got it goin’ on. All jokes aside, I’m the newest social media specialist here at the ‘Peg and the newest member of the content team. I’m the person that reads and replies to all the comments. As exciting as this new chapter of my life is, it’s as equally terrifying!

A Confused Cardinal

I’m a native Hoosier; born in Indianapolis and raised in a picturesque suburb called Brownsburg. I am an alumna of Brownsburg High School, home of the Bulldogs. More recently, I’m a 2018 graduate of Ball State University, home of Charlie Cardinal. I spent three years at BSU where I studied telecommunications which is a fancy word for video production. I was certain that I wanted to create videos for a career. That changed during my last semester of college. I shifted my focus after serving on the executive board for BSU’s Dance Marathon program as the Director of the Marketing and Communications Committee. Content creation and management was something I found much more enjoyable. Don’t get me wrong, though, I still love creating and editing videos and will continue to do so in my spare time. However, I felt held back by the restraints of video production.

Just a Bit Backwards

My post-graduation life didn’t turn out the way I originally expected it to. I thought I’d find a job immediately, move out of my parent’s house and begin my “adult” life. Well, that didn’t happen. After job hunting for months, I took a step back and began to apply for creative internships. I never pursued an internship while in college because I didn’t think it would benefit me. Wow, was I wrong.

Luckily I landed at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art in Downtown Indy where I serve as the Marketing and Communications intern. During my time at the museum, I am gaining real-world experience. This has been beneficial to me for beginning my new position. My circumstances might have been backwards and slightly unexpected, but I’m pretty content with my life as of now. I have also decided to pursue a Master’s in Emerging Media Design and Development beginning this fall at my alma mater – another thing I am excited for but equally terrified!

Staci With an “I”

Besides the fact my name is spelled differently than normal, let me tell you a bit about myself and who I am as a person. Working with BSU’s Dance Marathon program was the greatest choice I made during my college career. Dance marathon supports Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across the country, but BSUDM specifically supports Riley Hospital for Children located in Downtown Indy. You better believe that I spent all three years participating, first as a committee member and then as a director. Lifelong friendships were made and I added to my portfolio. Most importantly, I made a difference for the kids at Riley. Although I’m now a college graduate, I’ve stayed involved through the BSUDM Alumni Association.

Besides DM, I’m also an Alpha Gamma Delta alumna. Yep. Believe it or not, I was in a sorority. Upon meeting me, you’d probably never guess I was ever labeled as a “sorority girl.” I joined AGD my freshman year of college. Now I will forever be known as a squirrel – AGD’s mascot.

Since I’m not a “sorority girl,” what am I? Some of my friends consider me to be a laid-back hippie but the most adventurous homebody they know, if that’s even possible. In my free time, I attend all kinds of concerts and music festivals. I’ll let you guess how many I’ve been to (hint: it’s over 70). At the office you will find me listening to music and moving to the beat, hoping no one comments on my poor rhythm. If at home, I’m definitely hanging with my two cats, Bentley and Poppy.

Going With the Flow

This last year of my life has been challenging but I know great things are ahead. I’m excited to begin working full time at Roundpeg with the spunky team behind the madness.

If you’re interested in seeing frequent concert clips and pictures of my cats, follow my Instagram @snseber. If you’d rather see sub-par tweets, feel free to follow me on Twitter @staaaaaaci (yes, six a’s).