Page Jones

I’ve reached the end of the road at Roundpeg; and it’s been a great time. I’ll always reflect fondly on the friends I made during my time at the ‘Peg and everything I learned in my first “grown-up” job.

Thank you to Lorraine for giving this stranger from Oklahoma a chance and taking me under your wing. What sticks out to me about my time at Roundpeg is the genuine fun we had while also managing to do our jobs.

From spicy memes:


infinite meems

wTo daily Jeopardy question and spirited debates about the correct ripeness of a Banana (green bananas are gross and not fit for consumption SAM,) we had some great times at the ‘Peg.

Now it’s time for the wisdom that comes with being a ripe old 24 year old:

Try New Things

I have an entire folder on my phone of apps I’ve tried for work. A good majority of them are apps I’ve used once or twice and will never again! But it’s important to try new things. Without trying your best and experimenting, innovation wouldn’t be possible, and this applies to all aspects of life but specifically this job.

Be Open to Different Perspectives

I think one of the most important lessons to learn of adult life is that everyone actually doesn’t think and feel the same as you do about everything! But the best thing you can do in your professional life, and personal, is stop and listen to what those around you think about a problem and how to tackle it. It can help you make better decisions and is the very essence of good team work.

Stay Organized

My bullet journal has occasionally been a topic of interest at Roundpeg. We once had an interviewee mention their own journal in an interview and every single person in the office turned to look at me. (There are much worse things to be known for.) Staying organized is just one of those things that is so basic and easy and will set you up for so much success in the long run. A simple planner or to-do list is a much better system than just flying by the seat of your pants.

I’m sad to go, but I’m looking forward to seeing everything that Roundpeg achieves in the future, and I’ll always be on the sidelines cheering everyone on. And never stop making those spicy memes.