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Web Audit Action Plan

Google Analytic Glossary



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What’s in this kit:

Web Audit and Action Plan – How does your website stack up? No one designs a website to deliberately turn off clients, prospects, and search engines. All too often that is the result. 

Google Analytics Glossary – Marketing is filled with so many buzzwords it sometimes seems like an entirely different language. If you keep this cheat sheet handy as you review your Google analytic reports you’ll be able to speak the language, interpret the data and even plan a few shifts in your strategy.

More Resources For You


Measure Your Website –Learn how to use Google Analytics to measure the performance of your website. Discover who’s coming to your website, and what they do when they arrive. What pages interest the majority of your visitors and how long they stay. More than data, we’ll talk about what to do with the information to create a road map to improve your website. 

     Blog Posts:

Don’t Measure Web Performance – If you aren’t going to do anything with the numbers, don’t bother taking the time to measure web performance. As a number geek, it is hard for me to even write that sentence, but I mean it. Looking at numbers for the sake of bragging rights – look how much web traffic or how many fans on Facebook  – is a waste of time. Read More

Does Your Business Need New Success Measures – Think about the way you evaluate your business. You look at website traffic, social media stats and, of course, the bottom line. I do not know about you, but YAWN! These statistics fail to tell the entire story of your business and its success. Why? Because your business is more than just the numbers. Your business success measures should be as well. Read More

Video: Measure Your Website

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