Hello, my name is Raven Lee Richardson! I love to create, innovate, and build beautiful websites. I am the new Web Design Specialist at Roundpeg and I’m extremely excited to be joining this lovely team to create your fabulous website! I love the challenges that I face by being a Web Designer/Developer. I am able to push myself in ways that I never have imagined, thus growing into a more polished and well-rounded designer.

An Unexpected Journey

My journey to becoming a Web Designer was not an easy one, nor my first choice of profession. After graduating from Fishers High School, I decided to attend Ball State University to pursue a degree in science as a Pharmacist… very bad idea. Not only did I hate math and science, but I also hated that I completely went against my gut and decided to pursue a career based on profit rather than love. So by the next semester, I chose to pursue the wonderful career of a graphic artist. I decided to leave Indiana and move to Atlanta, Georgia to attend art school, by far one of the best decisions I could have made!

I attended The Art Institute of Atlanta for 3 years and by the fourth quarter of school, I decided to enroll in a class about coding, yes the part of the web that most people think “err, nope.” A light bulb went off and I decided to become a web designer, yay! A few months after graduating with my Bachelors in Web and Graphic I decided to do a three-month intensive Bootcamp for Full Stack Web Development to expand my knowledge and skill set and here I am, your new ‘pegger!

Art, Art, and More Art!

I should mention my love for art! Films, literature, music, painting, dance, museums, and video games to be exact. If I’m not reading about a new update to a web designing/developing program, I spend my free time enjoying many of the artistic activities that life has to offer. I believe that any positive artistic outlet is good for the soul and the mind! Being able to express oneself artistically is the greatest feeling in the world. And I am overjoyed and over the moon that I can incorporate art into my career. Just for fun, I’ll list a few of my forever favorites in each category. Film: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings; Authors: Stephen King, Gillian Flynn; Music: Alternative, Reggae; Painting: Watercolor; Dance: Watching people make fools of themselves; Video games: Uncharted, Assassins Creed; Food: Italian, Caribbean (I completely forgot that food can be art as well!).

Final Notes About Me

My friends and family would describe me as a person to be silly, warm, friendly, and loyal. I believe laughter is the best medicine and that positive energy is infectious! Enough about me, I’ll leave you with this. “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Albus Dumbledore.

Get to know Raven by following her on Twitter – @_ravenlee_