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What’s in this kit:

Inbound Budget – Inbound marketing is built on the premise that people want to make informed purchase decisions. By providing information which answers questions they are likely to have in the purchase process, you will attract potential prospects, increase the chances you will close a sale, create long-term relationships and create raving fans who will refer you to others.

Intro to Auto Response Campaign – There is that moment in every sales conversation when a client must decide if you are the right choice. Whether they come out and ask, or simply wonder internally, the question on the table is very simply “Why should I buy from you?”

Shorten Your Sales Cycle – People don’t become customers overnight. Typically, they start out as a casual conversation at a networking event or a random visitor to your website. Your objective is to move those casual connections through your sales funnel, converting them to leads, customers and ultimately raving fans.

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It isn’t enough to get people to come to your site.  You need to welcome them, engage them and keep them coming back.  Inbound marketing strategies can help you do just that.

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Age of Inbound Marketing – Today, people look for information online, even in fairly low tech industries they browse and search at their own pace. In many cases they aren’t looking for just coupons and discounts, they are looking for general information about trends and features, company personnel, examples of how others are using your product, and what people think about your business. Read More

Video: Lorraine and Sam talk about the basics of a good inbound marketing campaign

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