There are a little over two months left of 2018, and you know what that means: predictions are coming. Whether you are obsessed with music, movies, sports, or design, there is surely some sort of top [insert number here] list that you are anticipating.

But before we get into the mode of educated guesswork when it comes to web design, I think we need to take a few minutes to reflect back on last year’s predictions. Join me on a trip down memory lane as we review some of the biggest 2018 web design trends and reflect on how Roundpeg’s web team incorporated them in some of our latest projects.

Custom Illustrations

Maybe I’m a little biased, but custom illustrations are my personal favorite trend to blow up 2018. Depending on who you know or what assets you have access to, the possibilities to personalize your brand’s site are endless. This isn’t a trend we’ve had many opportunities to explore, but you can bet that I have my eyes peeled for a chance to incorporate some this splash of artistic flair with each new project.

brittblog illustration

Vibrant Color Schemes

Thanks to well-known brands such as Instagram, Dunkin’ and Spotify, compositions featuring bold, bright colors have remained in the spotlight for 2018. And as an added bonus for you fellow 80’s & 90’s kids out there, bold gradients are back in full swing, too. I’ll be the first to point out that there’s a fine line between bold and obnoxious, but the challenge of mastering that line is half the fun!

brittblog color

Big(ger) & Bold(er) Typography

Ok, let’s be honest, this trend isn’t especially new in 2018. But, it’s still a great way to direct your viewer’s attention to where it needs to go. And with the ever-growing variety of web fonts readily available, how could you seriously expect us to resist a good chance to show off some pretty text?

Thinking Outside the Grid

Grids, much like any set of rules, exist in order to minimize chaos. And much of the time, they are great and their purpose holds true. But also like any other set of rules, grids are begging to be broken.

A few years ago, this technique would have been quite painful to execute for even the most talented developers. Thanks to the rapid digital evolution we all live in, breaking the rules will continue to become easier and more fun every week. Don’t be surprised to see me geeking out about this whole new world of layout possibilities in the posts to come.

Skin Renew

Flat Design 2.0

This was a concept that took me a minute or two to wrap my head around. I mean, with a concept that relies so heavily on simplicity, what can you really add? I mean, it’s flat. Fellow skeptics, I’ve got one word for you: dimension.

The illusion of dimension can be added with something as simple as a drop shadow. Yes, you read that correctly. The shadow concept may not be new, but designers are finally perfecting the technique. Just remember: less is more.  keep that shadow subtle, and it will go unnoticed in the best way possible.

brittblog flat


Mobile First Mentality

It was only a matter of time before the casual mobile users outnumbered us desktop junkies, and that time was 2017. But what does that mean for your website?

In this day and age time is more valuable than ever, and using it to build out separate mobile & desktop sites are becoming a thing of the past. Here at the ‘Peg, all of our sites have mobile responsive capabilities built right in. That way your viewers can have the same awesome experience no matter what device they have in their hands. If you like what you see and want to know what Roundpeg can do for you, give us a shout!

bwm portfolio web


How We Applied 2018 Web Design Trends

Although we’d love to keep all the credit, tools like Divi also aid us in creating amazing websites in a timely fashion. Thanks to their constantly evolving interface, we’re able to incorporate these trends and push the design limits with each and every project.

After reading through my list, what are your favorite web design trends of 2018? Maybe you’re a big fan of something I didn’t mention? And what sort of trends do you want to see carried over into 2019 and beyond?

Comment below or tweet me your thoughts, and I’ll keep you in mind while I put together my own list of predicted web trends for 2019!