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Stratford Law Group

Roundpeg’s thrilled to announce the launch of Stratford Law Group’s new site. A step away from the typical minimalist trend that law firms seem to go for these days, Stratford looks forward to the future of blockchain technology and other innovations with an eye-catching, colorful design that carefully guides the user with use of icons and graphics.

About Stratford Law
Stratford Law Group, LLC is a Fort Lauderdale, South Florida based law firm providing legal services in the areas of business law,  start up,  sale,  liquidation, tax; appeals, attorney’s fees, blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency, cryptotoken, smart contracts, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Stellar,  ICO, tax and regulation. Stratford Law Group, LLC provides these services to start-up companies, LLCs, and for entrepreneurs and litigants appealing a trial court decision.

We enjoyed building this website for Stratford Law. If you are ready for a new website, contact us today.