Marketing Strategy Kit
Digital Strategy Plan
S.W.O.T. Matrix Worksheet
Positioning Statement Guide
Simple Strategic Plan
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What’s in this kit:
Positioning Statement Workbook – The first piece of our marketing strategy kit defines why people should buy from you. You will sell more when you talk about why you are uniquely qualified to solve a problem. A position statement defines your company in terms which are relevant to prospective customers.

S.W.O.T. Matrix Worksheet – Our S.W.O.T. matrix worksheet will prepare you for whatever comes your way.

Simple Strategic Plan – Success tomorrow starts with a plan today! Creating a strategic plan doesn’t have to be long and complex.

Digital Strategy Plan – While the digital age has given us many new tools, the process is the same. In this workbook, you’ll discover how to enhance your marketing with new digital tools.

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Goals Make a Plan Real – It is not enough to have a broad plan for your business. You need to have specific, measurable goals which you can translate into action.

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