It doesn’t seem possible, but Roundpeg has been managing content marketing programs for clients for more than a decade. Back in 2008, when other firms were focused on link building, we believed you needed to offer something of value when visitors followed links to your site. So we started blogging, for ourselves and our clients.

Over the years we have written hundreds of blog posts, published numerous white papers, conducted hours of training, and even recorded a few podcasts on the art of content marketing. I am sure you don’t have time to read them all. But this collection will give you a great starting point. Be sure to bookmark it as a resource and come back often to learn more.

The Basics of Content Marketing

Blogging Questions

If you are new to blogging you probably have a lot of questions about why you should be blogging, how often you need to write, what to write about, and do I have to be a professional writer to create interesting blogs.

Sam’s simple FAQ post answers these and a range of other questions we hear most often from clients considering diving into content marketing.

Content Marketing Recipe

If you are thinking about a content marketing program I have both good and bad news. The bad news?

Content marketing is complex with lots of pieces, including blogs, social media, podcasts, white papers, and email.

While everything starts with your blog post, it can’t end there. You need to have a plan to share and promote your content through multiple channels.

The good news? At the beginning of the year, I outlined a simple recipe you could follow to cook up some success by connecting all the pieces of your content plan.

Let’s Start Writing

Build a Habit

They say that in order for things to become a habit you have to repeat the activity several times. It is true about exercise, and it is true about blogging. That is why we suggest writing five blog posts while the web team is building your website.

Finding Your Voice

Many people think that the term “voice” applies just to the words you choose. But that definition is too narrow, it also applies to your topics, the style of your posts (technical or superficial), and the kinds of images you choose.

A basic style guide for your brand defines Identity, Audience, Messaging, Language/Tone, and Content. When you put these pieces together and use them consistently you create a strong identity for your brand in the marketplace.

Follow the Steps

So how do you write a blog post, and what should you do when you are done? From titles and SEO ideas to distribution suggestions, this post covers it all.

Ready to try a post on your own?

Download our blogging checklist to keep your posts on track

Where do Ideas Come From?

Even professional writers come face to face with writer’s block from time to time. So step away from your desk and think about your business. Look at the questions customers ask and the problems you have solved.

Take pictures of your work and explain what is going on in the picture. Interview clients and tell their stories.

You don’t have to write everything

If you have employees, get them involved. If you have been running your business for several years you can’t really look at your business through the eyes of a novice.

And let’s face it, many of your customers are novices. So let your new team members tell your company story. You will be surprised by the unique perspectives they bring to your content marketing program.

Look outside your company. There are many professionals who are willing to share their expertise in exchange for a link or the exposure your blog will give them.

Not all guest bloggers are worth the effort. Sam outlines several important tips to keep in mind as you work with guest bloggers.

Tired of Reading?  Time to Switch Mediums

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that content is more than blogging. Sure you start with written content but that is only the first step. What comes next is up to you.

Audio Files

Record an interview with a team member who has written a particularly interesting blog post.  Sometimes this is nothing more than stepping through the content out loud with just a few questions. You can publish a podcast or simply place an audio file on your website.

We have been producing More than a Few Words for years. The format has changed a lot, but the short, single-topic focus has been extremely popular with our listeners and effective on our blog.

Here’s an example of a conversation on the subject of Blogging FAQs.


These days, video content marketing runs the gamut from disposable content like casual Facebook Live videos to structured and informative webinars to professionally produced video.

Using blog posts as a starting point, you can interview team members or create a presentation to share your expertise.

Or take advantage of simple to use video tools like Promo, Slidely, or Spar Min to create short videos based on your content like this example.

Time to get started.

You have made your way to the bottom of this post. Good for you! But there is lots more to read, watch and learn. But it is time to put some of these ideas into practice. Start with a content plan and your first blog post. The program will grow from there.

And if you need help, the content marketing team at Roundpeg would love to chat with you!