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Hi I’m Britt! I’m a passionate designing machine that radiates personality and creativity. “Exceeds Expectations” was a recurring comment on my report cards, and I continue to maintain that momentum today. I’m basically a sponge when it comes to learning new things, and use these new discoveries to enthusiastically push the limits with each new project.

As an added bonus, I have nearly a decade of experience in design, marketing, and leadership. Web Design (especially WordPress) has always been a passion of mine and I’ve been [not so] patiently waiting to discover a path where I could focus more energy in perfecting the craft. Needless to say, I am beyond jazzed to call myself the newest member of the Roundpeg team!

Fun Fact: I’m from Sparta…

…Illinois. Life was small, simple, and predictable- but that all changed in ’99 when my dad decided to leave the coal pits (yes, I’m a coal miner’s daughter) and pursue something completely new. Ten-year-old me was less than impressed, but over time, I grew to appreciate the fast-paced city life and all it has to offer. I just had to be patient.

Upon graduating from Avon High School, I pursued my artistic passions at the Art Institute of Indianapolis. I became the first female to finish their Media Arts and Animation program in December 2010 and began my first “adult job” with Gannett the next month. Thanks to my lifelong love of learning, I quickly evolved from your average Digital Media Designer to an interactive ad point person to, eventually, a Training and Quality Specialist. After 5 years of building online ads in a Corporate America setting, I realized it wasn’t for me. I took another leap and accepted the graphic designer position at HotBox Pizza.

From Pizza to Pegger

Life in the restaurant business moves fast, and this local pizza chain was no exception. Four new stores opened in my first eight months alone, and the business only continued to gain momentum. When I wasn’t putting together creatives for new locations, I busied myself with updating the website, perfecting annual campaigns, fulfilling individual store requests, and even moderating the company’s social media pages from time to time.

Needless to say, I gained a TON of experience in a TON of areas over a very short period of time. The people, the position, and the brand were all amazing, but that nagging feeling that something was still amiss began to return. Then it finally hit me!

As much as I love pizza (I mean, who doesn’t?!), I missed the excitement of exploring new brands. I missed meeting new people and sharing my passion for art and design with the community around me. Most of all, I realized that I finally had enough exposure to the design and marketing world to settle down and find my niche. That’s when I met Roundpeg! #fate

Cool story, ladybro! What else should we know?

As an artist, I love to create using both digital and traditional mediums. My Instagram (@brittybauser) feed is littered with my work, along with copious photos of my pups, Roxy and Anne Marie. When I’m not jamming to Africa at home with the girls, there’s a good chance I’m out on an adventure with my better half, Jesse.

From concerts at the Hi-Fi to hunting for Pokémon along the Monon Trail, we always find a way to have fun! So, there you have it. The backstory of the one, and only, Britt Baue. If you’re interested in seeing more of my art, dogs, or better yet, feeling daring enough to guess the pronunciation of my last name, be sure to check me out on Twitter or Instagram! (@brittybauser)