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Beginner’s Guide to Online Advertising
Customer Acquisition Budget Worksheet

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What’s in this kit:

Beginner’s Online Advertising Guide – Every platform from Google to Facebook and to LinkedIn are all offering advertising options. Which are good investments and which are a waste of money?

Customer Acquisition Worksheet – Before you invest in advertising, use this worksheet to decide how much you can afford to spend

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Google is always happy to help you spend more money. They will always show you new ways to do more with your advertising. That’s how they generate $17 Billion a quarter. While you can spend more money, the question you need to ask is “should I spend more”.

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) expert, Michelle McNally explains that sometimes it will be worth it.

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Blog Post:

Is Yelp Advertising Worth it?  – There is no doubt that prospective customers use Yelp in high-frequency as a source for business information. However, it is also another avenue of advertising for business owners. READ MORE

Video: Expand Your Reach with Email & Facebook

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