treat your future selve

Let me begin by saying that no matter what the task at hand may be, there is a relative likelihood that I have had to push myself through a period of procrastination. I know that I am not alone in my struggle, and I will certainly admit that I am far from perfect. From homework to other work, it’s occasionally hard to get the motivation to keep going.

Here are a few things that may make your process a little bit smoother. These are some things that work the best for me, regardless of the task at hand.

Treat Yo Self

Do you ever do something with the intent of treating your future self to something nice? Whether leaving a $20 bill in your winter jacket before putting it away until the next season or hiding away a nice note to make you smile on a rainy day, there’s always something that you can do to make your future days a little better. If you’re feeling motivated and finish something ahead of schedule, think about using that extra energy to do today what you otherwise would have done tomorrow, next week, or next month.

Speaking of planning for the future, consider learning more about content calendars and what they can do for your business. Take a little more time to make sure your content is ready to go before you forget to do it.

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

There’s no point in struggling to accomplish something because you don’t know what to do next. Whatever the problem, there’s someone out there to help you get those results that you are looking for. If you’re looking for help with your own digital marketing, give us a call.

Another great way to get back into gear is to use something to motivate you toward your end goal. If there is something that is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel, it may be easier to get to the destination. Setting goals for yourself and your business can be an important step in keeping your eye on the prize, too. Additionally, it could be beneficial to keep some inspirational quotes or images near your work space if that is more up your alley.

If all of that does not affect you in the slightest, I respect that, too. There are surely some benefits to procrastination, but if your heart can’t take the added stress and adrenaline, I believe in your ability to change your ways, too.


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