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Email Clean Up Kit
Web Audit Action Plan
Content Calendar
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What’s in this kit:

Email Clean Up Kit – You have worked hard to build your mailing list, create an interesting email campaign but you are not done when you hit send. Now comes the hard work of reviewing the data and using the information to refine and improve your email program so next time the results are even better.

Web Audit Action Plan – Are you welcoming visitors and turning them into prospects or sending away to find your competitors? If your website is out of date or is missing elements visitors have come to expect, then you’re disappointing them at every turn. But you can change that!

Content Calendar – Effective marketing starts with a plan. Our template will help you span out your social media and website posts so you don’t miss any engagement opportunities.

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There was a time when your home page needed to contain all that you did.  The format was much like the front page of a newspaper with a series of article snippets with links to learn more.  But the trend has shifted.  Today, the most effective home pages are designed to lead visitors to the right place with one strong call to action

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Video: Audit Your Website

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