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Local Blitz Checklist
Guide to Local SEO

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What’s in this kit:

Local Blitz Checklist – Attack your local market with a well planned local marketing blitz.  Use our checklist to plan every phase of the blitz.

Guide to Local SEO – Discover how relevance, distance, and prominence work together to enhance your local search position.

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While you may never be able to compete with large national brands, if you only serve a local community you don’t have too. Instead, focus your energy on winning local search.

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     Blog Posts:

Yes, There is an “R” in SEO –  In real estate, there is a phrase ” location, location, location.”  It refers to the fact that a property has dramatically different value depending on where it is located. The same is true for SEO. If you are in a very competitive category narrow your focus and dominate the term for your state, city or county.   READ MORE

Local Blitz – Do your customers live within a 25 mile radius of your business? If you have this type of local business then you have an opportunity to make a big impact with a local blitz. READ MORE 

Standard SEO Suggestions –  What is SEO? Why is SEO important? What can I do to improve my website’s SEO? If you’re just getting started optimizing your site for search, here are a few suggestions. READ MORE

Video: In the Neighborhood

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