The Business Owner’s Guide to Twitter
2018 Small Business Social Media Report

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What’s in this kit:

2018 Small Business Social Media Report – Since 2010 we have surveyed business owners and marketers about their content and social media strategies. Find out what we learned in this report.

Tweet This: The Business Owner’s Guide to Twitter – What is Twitter? At its core, Twitter is a one-to many messaging tool.  From your phone or desktop you can send public messages which reach far and wide and private messages delivered to a very small community.  Because of its unique blending of public and private conversations it is a valuable news source, networking and community building application, research tool and marketing platform.

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Do you love Twitter?  Dana Nelson does.  In this episode, she shares success stories and tips for anyone hoping to make connections using Twitter.

Are you regularly monitoring, interacting, and posting? There are many different ways to find success on Twitter, but it starts with getting into a routine.

Blog Posts:

Five Ways to Improve Your Twitter Presence – Twitter takes a bit more work than Facebook or LinkedIn. But that doesn’t mean you should shy away from this incredibly useful platform.

Get some help from the pros with these five tips.

How to Create a Good Twitter Bio – The Twitter bio. It’s an easy thing to overlook or ignore completely.

But, it is far more important than you may believe.

Video: Tweet This: Introduction to Twitter

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