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Cherilyn Juris


#310 Time for a Rebrand

Branding. It’s not just who you are, it’s how you present yourself. Is your current brand doing everything it can? When should you start thinking about a rebrand?

Join Roundpeg’s Lorraine Ball and Cherilyn Juris as they discuss the recent revamp of Roundpeg’s brand, courtesy of Cherilyn. Pick up a few tips from the pros to start thinking about before you refresh your style.

  • Fonts: Keep your choices simple, but distinctive
  • Color: Expand your basic pallet with one or two complementary colors
  • Icons: Don’t just randomly download any icon
  • Texture: Those colored backgrounds can bring a little life to an ordinary page.

When you are done listening, be sure to check out the finished product of our redesign. 

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