Howdy. My name is Page (not a typo, there’s no i) and I’m the new kid on the block at the ‘Peg. I’m a social media specialist, which is a fancy title for “the poor soul that reads the comments,” and a member of the content team!

Not Sooner born, but Sooner bred

I was born in New Hampshire and lived there for barely two years before being whisked off to where I would call home for most of my life: Oklahoma. I grew up in a one-horse town where the primary eatery was Sonic and my graduating high school class only had 130 people in it. After high school I went to the University of Oklahoma, which boasts the highest number of National Merit Scholars in the country; I was not one of them. I started out with a major in marketing until I found out OU requires three semesters of calculus to graduate, and then promptly changed to public relations.

I spent two years of college working for the Oklahoma Daily, the best student news organization in the country and the best news outlet in the state. I loved the work I did at the Daily and the people I had the chance to work with, some of which I still consider my closest friends. I didn’t have the typical college experience; hardly any parties, no studying abroad or crazy spring break trips. But the experiences I did have are unlike any other: an animal abuse scandal at the university, a visit by then-President Barrack Obama and traveling to Iowa in the middle of January to cover the 2016 primary, to name a few.

I spent my last year of school exploring public relations and interning with Jones PR in Oklahoma City. It was a challenging transition at first, but with the help of some excellent mentors, I found my new passion and embraced the world ahead of me. I graduated in May 2017 ready to start my next chapter.

Into Hoosier Land

After graduating, I packed up my life, my dog and my cat and moved into uncharted territory: Indiana. I was going to be an intern at Dittoe Public Relations in Broad Ripple for the summer and then get my first adult job. I landed in Dallas for a while, but I was never destined to be a Texan. I loved Indy.

After a tumultuous post-graduation year, I’m now living happily in Broad Ripple with my boyfriend Andrew, our dog Winston and our cat Dexter. If I’m not at home watching the West Wing for the 30th time, you can probably find me checking out new Indy restaurants or walking along the Monon Trail with Winston.

As someone who is still in the “Early Life” section of her Wikipedia page, I’m excited to be able to work with and learn from this extraordinary team at Roundpeg. For the past three years I’ve had the pleasure to do what I love and to create, and I can’t wait to get to work for Roundpeg’s clients.

If you enjoy awkward jokes, bad pop culture takes, and occasional pictures of pets follow me on Twitter (@PageJones31).