Broad Ripple Park is a beloved local fixture with plenty of history, including a century-old carousel that is currently installed in the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. The park’s 150,000 annual visitors can enjoy sports fields, dog park, swimming pool and playground as well as an abundance of classes provided by the community center.

Roundpeg was approached to create a logo and website for a new project to re-imagine Broad Ripple Park, partnering with the community to create a park that suits their needs.

The logo had a number of requirement that needed to be met: it had to fit within the Indy Parks branding system, as well as pair well with the Indy Parks logo since they will be presented together.


The result was a mark that represented nature, movement, open air and the white river. The logo is stacked in order to fit well next to the Indy Parks logo. It’s presented in monochrome so that while it reads first it is visually subordinate to the Indy Parks logo, which is a branding decision that can be applied to future park branding.

BRMP IndyParks
sign mockup

Roundpeg was also tasked with creating a functional, responsive website members of the Broad Ripple community could access to stay informed on open house events, the planning process, stakeholder interviews and pop-up events.

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